IIHS announces Top Safety Picks

by Cornelius Nunev

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has introduced its list of Top Safety Picks. More automobiles than ever got on the list by performing properly on crash tests. Cars are getting safer as time goes on. Even more annually

Increasingly more car makers are worried about car safety now. More people want to purchase cars that they will be able to walk away from in the event of an accident and as a result, automobiles are being increasingly fitted with a greater number of safety measures.

The Top Safety Picks list for the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety keeps going up. This is because more vehicles are living up to its expectations for crash tests.

USA Today reports that the IIHS Top Safety Picks for 2011 were chosen for various 2012 mod-els. There are a total of 115 Top Safety Picks among the 2012 models, which is a drastic improvement from the first list of Top Safety Picks issued in 2005. There were only 15 automobiles listed that year for IIHS.


There were 69 vehicles, 38 SUVs, 5 minivans and 3 trucks which were called Top Safety Picks after all of the crash tests. Of the 115 that made the list, 97 had been on the list from the previous year.

Subaru tested as the safest brand, as a variant of every Subaru model except the WRX was a Top Safety Select. Toyota had 15 cars on the list, including the Lexus and Scion models, as reported by CBS. The Toyota Camry did well this year. It got onto the list for the first time. With the tougher 2012 crash test ratings, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it a five-star rating.

The Washington Post explained that Honda made a huge impact on the list. It had 10 new vehicles of the 19 brand new automobiles that showed up on the list. Honda and Acura had 12 in total.

There were many other brands that had a lot of vehicles including Volkswagen and Audi at 12; Ford and Lincoln at 12; Dodge Chrysler and Fiat at 11; and GM at 14. That also integrated the Fiat 500, but only models produced after July of this year.

Trucks aren't secure

There weren't a lot of trucks included in the Top Safety Picks. There were only three declared. Those went to the Toyota Tundra crew cab models, the Honda Ridgeline and the Ford F-150. The Toyota Sienna, the Honda Odyssey, Volkswagen Routan, the Chrysler Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan were the minivans that got on the list.

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