If You Want The Best, Choose Pirelli Tires

by Elinor Tran

When you want to buy really reliable tire, choose one of Pirelli tires. This really is a product you can rely on. The world's fifth largest tire manufacturing company became a synonym for quality all around the world. Porsche drives on their product only, and this is a nice recommendation.

They became serious multinational company and their headquarter is in Milano, Italy. The founder of the company was Albert Pirelli, who invented the first radial tire, in 1974. Their main interests are products aiming sports and racing cars, as well as motorcycles. They are dedicated to provide only the best for their customers, and they are spending great deal of income for researching and testing.

Every single tire has specific marks on. Except manufacturer's code, those numbers represent all the details that might concern you. Width, size, the date of production, special characteristics and so on. You will also find, for example, the tread wear mark.

Those numbers are there to show you what standards are applied to this tire and where does it stands according to those standards. For example, if you find the tread wear mark, it will tell you about the predicted wear rate of this product. Considering the fact 100 stands for a standard wear rate, the higher number means better product.

To explain it little better, if you see 120, it means this product will last 20% longer. Driving on those stuff, you will always be able to tell if you have to go shopping for new set. Every tire has also the tread wear indicators to show you when you need it. You will notice rubber bars there. Their sole purpose is to inform you about it.

Even if their main interest are still racing and sports cars, pirelli tires company will always offer only the best to their customers. Ultimate quality is the main thing that separates them from others. When you are craving for the highest quality only, choose them, and you won't be sorry.

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