If I Am partially accountable for an accident can I still collect money?

by Leazelle Ashbolt

It's a sorrowful fact that motorbike accidents are a commonplace thing on America's highways and roads. Frequently the accident is caused by carelessness either on the part of the rider or by another vehicle driver and while most cases are fairly simple, in others it can be tougher to pinpoint the blame and this is where a bunch of talented bike accident lawyers may be called in.

A professional bike attorney like the personal injury lawyers Los Angeles will be in a position to analyze an accident claim to make certain that a fair decision is reached each and every time. Often there can be an argument over who is to blame for the accident and it could be found that both parties are to blame. If this is the case and you are revealed to be in some measure responsible, can you still make a claim?

Well in actual fact yes you can and this is where 'comparative law ' comes into play. A firm of motorcycle accident lawyers explains that should their client admit to being partly to blame then it is down to them to determine how much fault lies with them concerning the accident.

At that point it is worth indicating what typically occurs in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Customarily when an accident happens between a motorcycle and another vehicle, the first people to arrive on the scene are the police. Since they are short of time and do not have the reserves to execute a full and in depth investigation, except in the case of a wrongful death, they typically do one or two fast calculations and apportion the blame to one party or the other.

Insurance carriers also base their payments according to the police records, so it's not peculiar for a motorcycle accident victim to receive as payout which is far below what they ought to be entitled to. Many insurance settlements also do not even take into account the costs of any medical bills which might be incurred. For those reasons a motorcycle accident victim may quite correctly feel they've been treated badly and as a consequence will call upon the services of a motorbike accident attorney to find the compensation they correctly deserve.

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