How to Use Grease Gun and Zerk Fittings Safely

by Grace Gable

Grease gun is an indispensable tool used for greasing mechanical parts for reducing wear and tear in between them. There are many kinds of grease guns, most popular ones being, air controlled, electric or manual. The device basically includes a cartridge that contains the lubrication or grease and a nozzle or zerk fitting for dispensing the grease. The zerk fitting is in form of a nipple attachment that helps dispense the exact amount of grease in tight fitting and closed spaces. Zerk fitting and grease guns thus go hand in hand.

To help make the most out of the grease gun and the zerk fittings, you must ensure keeping the nozzle clean at all times. If, by chance there is dirt or debris in the grease, this can get dispensed at high pressure through the nozzle and can even end up damaging the part you are lubricating. If you feel there is presences of a foreign matter in the grease make sure that you eject it out in a rag. This will keep your bearings safe. Likewise, before attaching the zerk, make sure that you keep it clean and also clean the cartridge when replacing used and empty ones.

Additionally, it is very very important to know exactly how much the grease gun ejects. The value of amount of grease ejected by a gun is given in the manual accompanying the gun. It is also very important to note the amount of grease every zerk fitting can handle, as well as the amount of grease each bearing takes. It is also essential to write down these values near the machines and zerk fittings to help facilitate easy referencing.

Also important is the fact that the different kinds of machines utilize different greasing quantities. The machine manuals can again give you this information. In fact, if different technicians use the gun at your facility, it is important that each one is aware of this fact. You can even keep a chart of all this information handy near the machines so that each of the technician uses only the written values. For different types of machines using different kinds of guns, you may even use a color coded chart for easy referencing.

It is important to use extreme caution while storing the grease gun. Keep it in a clean and dry place away from moisture. While hanging the grease gun horizontally, make sure that all the pressure from the gun's cylinder has been removed. this will help you prevent serious accidents. Always cover the grease gun's nozzle with a protective cloth or cover to prevent debris from entering the gun.

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