How To Prevent A Car Accident Albuquerque

by Sonya Olson

None of us expect to be in an automobile accident. Yet, each time we get behind the wheel we face the possibility that someone will make a mistake, and cause a mishap that may damage not only a vehicle, but may actually claim a life. If you have been involved in a car accident Albuquerque, you might be still be wondering how it could have been avoided, and what you can do to prevent a similar crash from happening again.

Nearly all accidents have one factor in common, and that is driver error. Even an experienced people do not always make the best decisions. It is true that some incidents cannot be avoided because they occur so suddenly. A deer may leap across a dark highway directly in front of the car, leaving no opportunity to stop in time. Another vehicle may careen into your lane on the freeway, causing a chain reaction that might involve several cars.

There are ways to avoid making the wrong choices while driving. Most of the time this doesn't actually require learning a new skill, but rather un-learning bad driving habits. Accident prevent methods are relatively simple, and easy to adopt. While they do require a little conscious thought, over time they become ingrained, and can prevent the horrible sound of metal collapsing into metal during a crash.

Number one on this list is distraction, which can come in many forms. At normal highway speeds a car can travel many hundreds of feet in only a few seconds, and most people simply aren't aware how little time it takes to lose control. Distractions compromise attention, hand control and eye directions. Most people would not trust their lives to a surgeon with a reputation for not paying close attention during operating procedures. Driving while distracted can have similar fatal results.

Number one on the list of things not to do while driving is cell phone use. Typing or dialing a wireless device is nearly impossible without looking away from the highway momentarily, even for the nimble-fingered. Hands-free devices help, but still are a distraction, and no message is worth a fatal crash. Another mistake is using the car as a bathroom annex. Applying makeup or shaving requires glancing at a mirror, away from the highway, and can mean you will be well-groomed on the way to the emergency room.

Other common distractions we have all experienced are simple things like changing the radio station, or dealing with unruly children in the back seat. Even getting into a heated conversation with another passenger may compromise reaction times. Some people try to read books or newspapers while caught in slowly moving morning commutes. And, we've all dropped something under the seat, and then tried to fish it out while still operating the car.

How many times have you used your knees to steer, while doing something else with your hands? multitasking may be a useful skill in the office, but not on the highway. These distractions take away one of the most important safety tools, and that is defensive driving. This skill is taught in driver education courses, and basically means learning to anticipate and deal correctly with dangerous situations, such as bad weather or other reckless drivers. Sometimes it is hard to remember that operating a vehicle is not a contest, and trying to prove you have the right-of-way by barreling through an intersection may be the last thing you remember.

Unfortunately, even the most careful person can be involved in a car accident Albuquerque. Others may decide to drink and drive, or choose to speed because they are angry or frustrated. When an crash happens, first make sure that you and your passengers are okay. If it is safe, get out of the car and exchange insurance information. Driving without insurance is illegal in most locations, and remember to never sign any accident-related document without good legal advice. Accidents are traumatic and costly, but can be reduced or eliminated by not driving distracted.

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