How to Organise Your High School Ball Limousine

by Kylie Christie

All teens want their high school formal to be the best night ever, and how the kids get to and from their ball plays a major part in the evening. This explains why it's vital to have as much info as possible before you book your college ball transport.

Organising your ball transport can be quite complicated, particularly when you have never done it before, so here are a few pointers which will help you organise your school formal limo.

Prior to starting making enquiries to limo firms you really ought to know; how many passengers will be travelling in your group, what the maximum amount of cash you're prepared to spend per individual to hire a limousine and the kind of limo you wish to hire.

Choosing and planning who will be in your limousine group could be a awfully sensitive situation. As an example you will have 11 buddies you want to go to the ball with and there are no 11 seat limousines available. Thus you have got to make a call to leave 1 person out, invite 1 more person or hire a 12 seat limousine and split the extra cost between the 11 people.

Assertain how much money each person in your group can afford to spend on contracting a limo. Limousine hire can vary greatly from between $60 to $150 per head, dependent on the limo type. Remember if you have invited a partner to your ball that attends another high school you would pay for their limo ride. Thus if you book a limo that is $130 per individual you are up for $260. Special school ball packages are available.

Today in Western Australia there are limousine hire Perth businesses who've limousines seating anywhere between 2 and 50 people. Having a wide range of vehicles to make a choice from can make the task of finding an appropriate limo for the amount of pals in your group a bit easier. The most typical limos seat as many as 10, 12, 14 or 16 passengers, with 1 or 2 options seating 22, 30 and up to 50 persons. Stretch limos such as the Chrysler 300C and Hummers offer many lush options and the facility to transport six to sixteen passengers. There are lots of different models available in a variety of colours such as white, silver, black, gold and pink.

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