How To Ensure A Stress Free Taxi Cab Ride

by Laura Gallagher

As most taxi cab Scottsdale Arizona drivers hire their vehicles by the shift, some will undoubtedly look for dishonest means of increasing their revenue. Therefore, a few steps can be taken to reduce the risk of coming across such individuals and they do not take a lot of effort. It is an inevitable means of transport that one cannot avoid especially if looking to get from one place to another.

For starters, if visiting an area you are not familiar with take some time to find out the routes that can be taken from one point to another. This information can be established online coupled together with suggested fares for moving from one place to another. Some of the sites also have maps that though may not be truly accurate give an estimate of the city streets layout.

On arrival be on the lookout for licensed cabbies, they are branded on the exterior with company name, logo and phone numbers. They also have a clearly written taxi sign on top and will always be found in their respective stands. Inside one should also look for the meter as well as license placed in a strategic point of view.

Remember to carry a map, pencil and camera, though it sounds so ridiculous it does help to mark out the route you used. If the map and pencil are too far to go, a camera will do it will aid one to take photos of the route used as well as license and meter readings. This information will prove invaluable in case of a dispute.

It is also important that you familiarize with common scams which will help you identify one before it happens. Common scams include hoarding of change, taking long routes, popularly called long hauling, and charging extra for an undocumented 'extra'. Once you identify them, just say no, get out and look for another one.

Though not all taxi cab scottsdale drivers are unscrupulous it helps to be on the lookout. Remember also to save your receipt and find out the preferred payment methods. Remember when in doubt get out of the vehicle.

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