How Many Ways Are There to Ship Your Car?

by Tom Kearns

There is Auto Train from Amtrak which has existed for many years. You drive the car to a local Auto Train Depot in your area. Both you and your car board the train and off you go to your new destination. Once there, you claim your car and drive off to your new job or vacation spot. Auto Train is able to transport cars, SUVs, motorcycles or practically any other sort of vehicle. The Auto Train shipping area covers the terrain between Washington D.C. and Orlando, Florida.

There are also many companies whose sole business is transporting cars from one place to another. You have seen these companies in operation along the highways transporting many vehicles all stacked up on the trailer making their way to various car dealerships throughout the country. These same companies also transport vehicles such as valuable race cars from track to track in closed containers. The typical transportation time from pick up to delivery is from one to 14 days.

These companies offer shipping from the location of your choice to the final destination you specify. You may want to consider what is referred to as "terminal shipping." Terminal Shipping is a cost saving option when compared to door to door delivery. The vehicle to be transported generally does not have to be in running condition, either. All the car has to be able to do is roll, break and steer.

The mechanical condition of the vehicle has no bearing on the cost of transport as long as the minimum requirements are met - minimum requirements as mentioned above: Roll, brake and steer.

If you are undertaking a large, permanent relocation with all your household goods and personal property, you can ship your car along with them. Most wheeled vehicles and boats can be shipped to your new home by the moving van lines. These carriers do require that the fuel tank on your vehicle be less than one-quarter full and that there are no fluid leaks such as antifreeze, motor oil or battery acid. If your car is suffering from any of these ailments, be sure to get them fixed before it is loaded on the van.

If you are not concerned about putting the mileage on your car, some owners opt to hire a professional one-way driver to take their vehicle to the final destination. Generally, you pay for the driver's daily wage for each eight-hour tour, pay for the driver's meals and any overnight accommodations along the way.

When the driver delivers your car, if it is late in the day, you will need to provide another room for the evening. Also, unless the driver has another vehicle to pick up in your new town, you will be purchasing one-way airfare to get him or her back to the point of origin. During these economic times and with so many people out of work, you may have a friend you trust for this important task.

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