Have You Owned Your Dream Vehicle

by Edmont Pescatelini

Both men and women have so many sentiments over their vehicles, and for many different reasons. Automobiles come in every size and color, in every design, and make and model. Cars have grown to be, at this point in time, an asset that can't be without for most people. Lots of people think about the cars they had in the past or think about the next car they are getting or maybe dreaming about the car they truly desire.

Every single day when individuals go out to drive, whether it be to work, or to take children somewhere, or just out for a pleasant drive, they drive by other cars. People would most likely look at other cars and think how it compares to their car. How often are emotions possibly up or down, when thinking how you want to be driving the vehicle someone else has, or thinking how glad you have your own compared to some of the other cars you see. For some, they might get the car they want but for most people it is only a dream car. Many cars are simply a quick way to end filling the necessary role. And there are actually other cars that were created for performance and speed.

Just who hasn't looked forward anxiously, to getting that original license to drive, after studying all of the rules, hoping to pass. One easily gets nervous when one does driving test and begins to stress about making mistakes. Are the anxious feelings because some may be scared of being made a fool by friends or perhaps fear of having to do it again? It does not really make any difference in the long run since all that matters is the fun you have when you start driving. Though once you have the license, the next big experience is getting your first car. What a thrill, test driving all the different vehicles, knowing full well that a majority of of them are beyond what you can afford.

It really is rare that your first automobile is the one that you probably wanted. Though it might not be the best, at least it is the first car in your personal history. As automobiles continue to improve on features, many people feel that the cost to own a car will continue to go up. It is a shame that this could be the reality for most of us.

Automobiles influence the lives of a lot of people, both good and bad. Just as with many things in everyday living, it is always somebody else who is driving your dream car.

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