Get To Experience The New Mazda Range

by Stephanie Skinner

If all you want from your car just to get you from point A to point B, then the renewed model of the 6 on Mazda Georgetown floors is not for you. This car is for those for whom driving is an uncontrolled passion, that is how from the manufacturer presented their new model The face-lift of the car was done just a year after its debut on the market.

The Japanese car in its hatchback and sedan versions has passed the test 'shock top' in which it was rated as 'good'. In order an automobile to earn the award, it must withstand a shock which is equal to four times its weight. The exercise is performed by a machine that strikes the roof of the car.

According to information supplied, the new version of the 2 will be the most economical petrol vehicle offered on the market. Under the hood of the car, an engine and transmission of the Sky series will be integrated. The engine with direct fuel injection will need about 3.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers without using the help of an electric motor.

This car also showed 'good' results during the simulation where the vehicle gets hit by a large automobile, or SUV (side impact). Because of the side curtain airbags and those integrated into the seats, the dolls used for the tests remained intact. The construction of the car showed minimal bending.

The 3 has been excellent so far, according to the standards of the IIHS. During the frontal and rear impact tests, the vehicle gets away with perfect results. For the award Top Safety Pick also contributes the fact that these cars are equipped with a standard electronic stability system (ESC).

The design of the dials on the dashboard is changed as well. The suspension of the range is modified as well. According to company representatives, this has improved the smoothness of the car. Have a taste of the best, by visiting a Mazda Georgetown showroom.

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