Get Mapquest Driving Directions

by John Stamos

My favorite hobby is driving, the only problem is that driving isn't as fun as it used to be, the reason is because now there's too much traffic. I believe that traffic takes all the fun away from driving, it does not only make me waste time, it also makes my daily rides a lot more boring. In order to find better routes that allow me to have more fun while I'm driving, I like to visit online mapping websites like Mapquest and Google Maps every single day, MQ has one of the best route planners on the web, you can use it to find routes that will help you save time and money as well.

To get the driving directions that MQ provides visit, click on the blue link that says get directions, type your starting address in the A blank field, then type your ending address in the B blank field, hit enter or simply click on the big "get directions" button, the MQ route builder will instantly show which is the best route to get to where you are going.

AOL's online mapping service is one of the best driving directions providers on the web, the service has been online for almost sixteen years, since then it has been helping drivers everywhere find better routes. MQ is my favorite online mapping software, along with Google Maps of course, I think that G Maps and MQ are the best online mapping sites, especially if what you are looking for is driving directions.

Every driver should visit this internet mapping website to find routes that will help them save time and money too. This site was one of the first online mapping websites, the service was launched back in the 90's, what's really amazing is that this service is still one of the most visited websites in the world. MQ is probably the most popular free driving directions provider in North America, for more than 15 years it has been every drivers favorite directions provider, if you are smart it should be your favorite site from now on as well.

If you are absolutely tired of dealing with traffic, closed roads, roads under construction, and other things that might cause you headaches while you are driving, then I truly recommend using <a href=''>Mapquest</a> driving directions, MQ will improve the quality of your life as a driver, it will make driving easy and more fun too.

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