Get A Boating License Through A Proctored Exam

by Freida Lamb

A New Jersey boating license and a New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate happens to be one and the same thing. This educational certificate is a compulsory document for boaters wanting to roam the many waterways of the State in a sailing vessel. The option of online courses have made it much easier to acquire said document as proctored exams are provided at many outlets.

This option drastically saves on time and money as well as a number of other inconveniences. The certificate will be issued if the applicant is over 16 and wants to conduct any type motorized watercraft.There are certain conditions under which teenagers below sixteen have to adhere to if they want to operate an electrically powered boat that exceeds 12 feet.

A safety certificate is not required for sailing vessels without motors. If the applicant has just turned 16, the parent or guardian have to bestow their consent. When the certificate is issued can application be made for the license. The document covers all mechanically powered vessels such as motorboats and jet-skis that will operate in the State's waterways.

The next hurdle is to pass the 6 point ID verification exam. This positively identifies the applicant that will satisfy the authorities in the State. It also cuts out any possibility of identity theft and any other form of corruption.

The Birth Certificate is one of the documents requested for the test. If you are from Puerto Rico and your birth certificate issue date is before July 2010, it will not be valid. A new one has to be obtained from the Puerto Rican authorities. This was set in place to combat criminal activities in the department.

For those who received birth certificates in the Hudson county area have to renew ones that date prior to 1965. All that remains after the ID verification is the $18 fee that must be paid. The renewal of a new jersey boating license requires the same procedure and the same fee amount applies.

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