Fully maintained operating leases make fleet management and maintenance easy

by Mary Nebotakis

Does the concept of liberating your working capitalization while slashing executive burden get your motor running? A completely maintained fleet operating lease may be the answer. When you run a commercial fleet, you want more forms and pointless upkeep like a hole in the head. Yet your extraordinarily business is dependent upon a well-serviced fleet. A fully maintained operating lease permits you to dump that hard work to your lessor. So that you can get on with business while enjoying liberty to invest time in more profitable areas of your enterprise.

Peerless pliability in your fully maintained operating lease

Automobile leasing lets you build your fleet without major upfront money outlay. So you keep capital liquid for investment in other business wishes. But managing a blooming fleet can cause operational interruptions as you factor in both planned and unplanned servicing. In todays tough market, what business can afford such bumps in the road? A fully maintained operating lease smooths your productive path.When you transform your operating lease into a completely maintained option you hand over many key fleet management headaches. Your lender takes on the legwork while you real benefits like:

- 0 maintenance risk as unscheduled repairs are covered
- Responsibility and fleet assets are held off your balance sheet to keep capital liquid
- Better cost control as fleet service and upkeep are included in your lease payments
- Fixed rates and repayments so leasing costs are transparent upfront
- Potentially tax deductible leasing costs

At the end of your fully maintained operating lease? Simply hand the leased automobile (s) back to your lender who bears residual risk.

Find your 'best fit ' fully maintained operating lease

Hoping to add a vehicle worth at least $10,000 to your fleet? Natloans can secure you a high performing operating lease with completely upkeep thrown in. Whether you're looking to lease:

- New or secondhand automobiles
- Vans and utes
- Light or heavy commercial vehicles

Alongside the numerous benefits of a fully maintained operating lease, you have even more to gain by putting Natloans finance brokers to work for you. With lease packages tailored to your particular needs and a broad panel of quality lenders. Once again you can off-shoulder the legwork and focus on your fleet operations.