Find Various Kinds Of BMX Bikes And Its Uses

by John Thaw

Bicycle Motocross is recognized as well-known extreme sports which makes use of bikes rather than motor bikes. Needless to say, it's different from the normal Motocross in which motorcycles are employed. This is a sort of extreme sport where uniquely made bikes are employed for various types of tricks. This is actually where the abbreviation BMX originated from. It symbolizes the cycles which are particularly created for various road areas and intense tricks.

Short Background of BMX Bikes

The birth of these unique bikes began on the early 60s after the bike maker Schwinn created the 1st BMX style bike called the Sting Ray. The popularity of such bicycles has conquered numerous nations around the world. Finally in 1971, the first race for the people with BMX bikes took place in California. Since then, different tournaments took place on the sport and much more intense tricks are added apart from simple racing.

The Functions

Regardless of what it appears like, it will be thought to be a simple bicycle even though it has distinctive features that are not available on simple bicycles. These bikes are mainly utilized for racing on soil paths. They are also used to do stunts on intense games and ramps. Certainly, the most basic function of these bicycles is transportation. They are still regarded as a method of transportation.

Various Types of BMX Bikes

Before you purchase a BMX Bike, you need to know where you will use it. There are three types of bikes: the jump or dirt bikes, racing bikes and freestyle or stunt bikes. They look the same from the outside but they have different component and parts that are specifically placed for different purposes. If you will be using it for ramps or dirt racing, then probably, dirt bikes will be your choice. If you prefer simple racing, then racing bikes is the best for you. If you are doing stunts or freestyle moves, you can consider a stunt bike. Always remember that they are uniquely made for a specific purpose. You cannot use a dirt bike for free style or you cannot use racing bike for ramps or dirt racing.

Basically, racing bikes are lightweight and durable. It can withstand harsh conditions during the race. They are specifically made for speed purposes. Since you are racing on a flat surface, you can expect that every part of the bike is specifically made to help the racers speed up.

As the name indicates, freestyle bikes alternatively are created to do stunts that are often identical to the tricks made by roller blades or skate boards. Still, some individuals said that bikes are trickier to utilize since you need to use all facets of the body to execute an easy trick.

The last model is the jump bikes. This is certainly created for different landscapes. It can withstand high jumps and it can run completely on dirt or a various kind of surfaces. This is precisely created for biking on backyards or mountainous areas.

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