Figuring Out What Is Wrong With The Transmission Will Keep Costs Down

by Shari Swanson

If the car is jerking when it is supposed to be shifting smoothly it is time to have the transmission checked. This should not cause a person to run out and take a double mortgage on their house. Instead figuring the problem out before taking it in for transmission D. C. Repair can help one save money.

There are four main components to this part of the engine, which are the bell housing, the gears, the fluid and the filter. All of these items must be in prime working condition for this part of the engine to work gracefully. Every transmission has issues from time to time, but sadly, there are some that have trouble more often than others do. It is the repeated failures that cost a person big bucks. Keeping up with timely engine maintenance is one proactive thing a person can do.

Just as the human body needs water to live, the transmission needs fluid to work. If this is low or leaking there will without a doubt be a problem. In case of a leak the fluid is reddish in color. Knowing this will help to determine what is coming out of the car. For best results, check this two times a year.

Usually when this part of the engine is in trouble the result is one of two things. It will not shift smoothly or it just will not go at all. Knowing which of the two it might be is not difficult.

This is a closed system so there are only a few places that it could be leaking from. Checking this is not as intimidating as it may seem. After doing this, one should check the filter to see if there is build up. A gummed up filter can cause the same problems as a leak.

After the car owner has figured out what the problem is, it is time to take the car in to be repaired. Ask friends and family if they know of a great mechanic for the transmission D. C. Or wherever is convenient. Share the knowledge once a great one is found.

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