Facts About Oil Change According To Fiat Service

by Laura Gallagher

Changing your car's oil regularly is one of the most essential things to keep it running well, as stated by the Fiat service Berkeley. As time pass by, your lubricant will break down which causes a clog with different contaminants. This will take about less than three months or three thousand miles, which will all depend on the type of your car and your way you drive.

You should get the socket and your ratchet tools. The latter is an equipment that must be attached to the socket of its corresponding size. It can also be utilized for screws to loosen or tighten screws, you do not have to take out the both tools from the top of the screws.

There are two types of wrenches, the boxed-in type and the open ended one. If the socket and the ratchet does not break loose, a small wrench will be utilized to loosen the drain. The easiest one to use is the boxed-in type because it has an elongated handle compared to the ratchet which can apply additional leverage.

When the oil and plug is taken out, your mechanic will use a lubricant filter kind of wrench to take out the filter. You should prepare all your supplies before you start working and buy the right type of filters. Your time will just be consumed in going back and forth in the store to get the supplies you need instead of working in your car.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from a colleague. To avoid messy spills, get a plastic bag ready and cover it on the filter. This will enable the drops of lubricant to fall on it if any escapes as you take off the filter.

You can get in trouble if you create spills, which are inevitable when doing the task. Have an absorbent product that is eco-friendly. Make sure that the type of lubricant that you will be using is what the manufacturer has recommended in the manual.

It is also a better idea to channel out your lubricant in the time being that your machine is still warm. This will make the draining faster. It is not a bad idea to transport your vehicle to the Fiat Service Berkeley for an oil change. It is economical and they can even help you if there are other problems in your auto.

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