Explore With A Local Taxi

by Laura Gallagher

Visitors to the metropolis of Tacoma in the vibrant Washington State go there for many different reasons. Many people come to admire the numerous different historical attractions, while other people want to soak up the colorful nightlife scene. Whatever the reason for traveling there, most visitors say that the easiest way to get around is by making use of a Tacoma taxi.

The easiest place to pick up a taxi is at the large and modern Sea-Tac airport, which can be found on the edge of the city. A commuter rail service is also available to take visitors from the nearby city of Seattle. Amtrak Cascades trains carry passengers from Vancouver and British Columbia in Canada plus other North American cities to this settlement.

After finding a metro cab, visitors will be able to use it travelers can use this method of transportation to check out the local sights. The attractive Point Defiance Park should not be missed, especially on a sunny day. History enthusiasts will surely be in their element when they discover all that this city has to offer, as it is simply packed with interesting historical attractions.

Travelers that have lots of spare time should also take a taxi to the attractions that surround the city. One place not to be overlooked is the Rhododendron Species Foundation and Garden. Nearby is the impressive Gig Harbor, which makes another enchanting day trip destination.

Vashon Island is located over the water from the city. There are plenty of weird and wacky attractions to be found here such as Bike in a Tree. Couples will also want to make their way to the picturesque Robinson View Park.

The city is also blessed with a colorful nightlife scene. Popular things to do after dark include dining in style at a restaurant, watching a ballet performance and sipping cocktails at a local bar. Of course, if you plan to stay out late you will want to make sure you arrange for a tacoma taxi to take you back to your hotel of choice.

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