Everything You Need To Understand About Your Timing Belt And How To Replace It Yourself

by Angie Brown

The one thing you inevitably learn about as a car owner is that you will likely be called upon to conjure up money to fund repairs. The run of the mill stuff like oil changes and tuneups tend to be but one part of this; occasionally unusual things like changing belts crop up.

One of those particular belts is the timing belt, of course, if you even know very well what it is, you probably don't know if it needs replacing. One place you don't want to be when the timing belt breaks is somewhere out on the highway. You could well be pushing the envelope if you have had your vehicle for some time. Typically a timing belt will last between 60,000 miles up to 100,000 miles, which is a pretty wide gap. If you had read your owner's manual, you would have discovered this, but who does before something goes wrong? While a timing belt can fail at any time, you are able to keep from being stranded by staying on top of things.

The timing belt's function is to always cycle the camshaft at precisely 50% of the crankshaft's speed. The camshaft causes the intake and exhaust valves to widen and close up while the pistons go up and down in the cylinders. A busted timing belt indicates your car is not going to budge. You may seriously damage, even totally ruin, your car's engine if the timing belt breaks. The majority of people never even think about changing a timing belt until after it breaks. If you are far away from a place of service, that could be very troublesome. Since there is no actual way to examine the timing belt, you should just replace it at frequent intervals.

Switching the water pump demands a lot of the exact same labor as changing the timing belt, so mechanics often recommend that the two jobs be done simultaneously. The water pump is yet another of those peculiar items that can last for a long time or fail suddenly and without warning. Normally it takes a couple of days to repair and cost quite a lot, by itself. Should you regard yourself as a knowledgeable weekend mechanic, the replacement of a timing belt will not scare you. As a result of checking the directions in an auto maintenance and repair manual, you should be able to replace the timing belt in a short space of time. It is possible to find the correct belt for your car from an online wholesaler like Timing Belt Pros. Online, it is easy to get comparison prices, and doing the work yourself can save you a heap of money.

Should you do the work yourself, you avoid the cost of hiring a mechanic or going to the dealer's workshop. Naturally you have to have your very own tools, or be able to rent them, along with having the necessary abilities. However, even if you or another person manages to do it, the timing belt on your car needs to be replaced regularly.

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