Does Mercedes W140 Car Of Your Dreams?

by Beverley Frankel

Mercedes W140 is one of the trademark cars of the German vehicle firm Mercedes Benz. This car has an interesting historical past and it's identified to be one of the crucial revolutionary cars within the historical past of car engineering. Mercedes W140 launched many new specs and know-how in the market that was later used by other automotive producers underneath the license of Mercedes Benz. The automotive was first showcased on the Motor Present - Geneva in 1991, after which the primary model was rolled out within the August of the identical year. Both the sedan (quick and long wheelbase) and the coupe have been available for the buyer to decide on from.

The Mercedes W140 is a powerful car which has a transmission of 4G Tronic automatic (4 speed) and 5G Tronic (5 pace) Automatic. The wheelbase of the Sedan and the Coupe is 3040-3139mm and 2944mm respectively. The Size of the sedan is 1886mm and that of the coupe is 201.3mm. The Top of the sedan is 1486mm and that of the coupe model is 56.2mm. The ultimate design of the car was selected in the December of 1986, after rejecting numerous designs from 1982 to 1986. The final prototype of the Mercedes W140 was completed in 1990 attributable to a delay that was made to accommodate a V12 engine.

After its completion, a number of additional features have been added to the mannequin to jostle for market place alongside the Lexus LS 400. The Mercedes W140 is an innovation on its own with options like double-pane window glazing, a heating system which might heat the car even after the engine was turned off. Power assisted boot lid and shutting for doorways, and electric windows that lowered itself after encountering an obstruction are a number of the different improvements included in the car. All these features made this model a huge hit among the many consumer.

Mercedes Benz nonetheless needed to pay a big price for this over indulging. The Mercedes W140 is claimed to be an over engineered automotive and it took the company a long time to develop and led to appreciable delay in other projects. The automotive value the company around $1 billion to develop; the patron needed to pay around 25% more than the developing cost. Another function known as air-suspension was suppose to be added to the model but was dropped at the last minute as Mercedes had still not perfected the technology. The following generation S class in 1999 featured the air-suspension technology.

Some new innovations were included in the Mercedes W140 to increase customer comfort and convenience. These innovations included Double paneled sound proof glass for reduced condensation and other insulation benefits, to ease driving in narrow spaces electrically operated exterior mirrors that could be folded with the click of a switch, dual-zone climate control and the system could be set to operate 20 minutes after the engine has been turned off. The model also included many safety measurements which included more braking power to the rear wheels and electronic Stability Program. These safety innovations which have now become common place among vehicles were first introduced in Mercedes W140.

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