Dodge Dealerships In NJ Consistently Provide Good Service

by Karla Lund

Chrysler together with the support of Dodge dealerships in NJ is trying to play it a bit safe with regards to brand new 2011 models, no doubt as a result of the bankruptcy backlash and public opinion that the company may still be working to stabilize. Nonetheless, Dodge dealerships in NJ are excited about the brand new Dodge models which will be debuted and hope this would be another stage to reassuring clients as well as the public that Chrysler products have retained their quality and that the company plans to be around in order to back up its product.

One huge addition to the Dodge lineup in 2011 will be the Dodge Charger. With all of the sass as well as power they have come to associate with the Charger, the 2011 takes it up a notch. Dodge dealerships in NJ customers are going to really love this vehicle's retro appearance and cutting-edge technology. The 2011 Dodge Charger SRT8 remains to be a mystery for the most part. Dodge has not unveiled any juicy particulars, yet they do know that in spite of its impressive engine the Charger is going to be well above the required CAF standards on emissions as well as gasoline usage. That's "well above" as in "much more than compliant".

The new transmission is an eight-speed that is going to partner with the new Pentastar V6 engine Chrysler has debuted (think Jeep Grand Cherokee). The rear-wheel drive is going to be kept, but industry specialists expect some minor performance modifications. Available later this year, the Charger's starting price is going to come in about $26,000.

Dodge dealerships in NJ can't wait to get this hot commodity in their display room and buyers will no doubt be lining up also. Color choices for the 2010 Charger were popular with pearl as well as metallic finishes, thus possibly these will be kept. Although, there is absolutely nothing tougher than a bright red sports vehicle; Dodge did offer it in TorRed as well.

Inside, never expect massive modifications. There might be some brand new technology options but most in the industry feel the trim levels and options are not going to change too much. Satellite Radio as well as auxiliary technology ports are practically a must. Wheel sizes on the 2010 model were either 17- or 18-inch and with big wheels making a huge return, there's nothing for Charger to do but maintain or get bigger. Multiple airbags as well as the Sentry Key Theft Deferent System will be kept as well.

Buyers of Dodge dealerships in NJ will be amazed at the wide range of cars available on the lot as well as the friendly service and continued relationship they're going to find at their dealership. Dodge is without a doubt charging ahead in its resolve to regain customers and keep its status intact. Your best choice is to make sure that the dealer provides you with a demonstration regarding their dedication to being the most outstanding dealer in New Jersey. It is also very important that you find a dealership that's situated in the most convenient location. This will help to make sure that you are not inconvenient with regards to visiting them.

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