Distinctive Forms of Car Covers

by Angela Lee

Surprisingly, all car covers are not created equal. There are varieties of covers with special features catering to the needs of difference cars. Buying the wrong type of cover can result in significant damage to the tires, paint, body, hubcaps and even interiors. The four main cover types and uses are below:

Indoor covers are basic car covers like sheets or tarps. These so cheap and common many people use them for all car cover purposes. However, this type is effective only when your car is already sheltered in a garage or covered area. Why does a car need to be covered when it is already inside? Simply put, chemicals and dust in the air can damage the paint or cause rusting on the car body.

Another type is the outdoor cover, which is used when a car is parked outside without any shelter. The most common outdoor cover that works for everyday purposes consists of three layers. These layers offer UV and weather protection and keep the car dry. However, in areas with extreme weather conditions you'll need extra features in your cover.

An extra layer of waterproofing on fabric helps a cover protect a car against water damage. Other additives make the cover soft. A quality cover offers four layers of protection against the elements, including heavy winds. Go for softer materials so stiff and abrasive materials don't scratch up the paint. Also, make sure the cover has enough weight to keep it from blowing away in a strong gust of wind.

Features offered by sun-proof covers offer better UV protection as well as waterproofing. The sun-proof cover is lighter in weight to provide air circulation underneath during hot weather. A good quality sun-proof cover can protect the car inside and outside, as direct sunlight can damage many materials in the car's interior, as well as the exterior.

With so many options and features, it should be easy to see why finding the appropriate cover for your car depends on the weather as well as other environmental conditions in your area, and that getting the right cover is very important. Your car represents a major investment and you wouldn't want to damage its resale value.

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