Demand spurs Chevrolet to start selling demo cars of Chevy Volt

by Cornelius Nunev

Chevrolet recently authorized dealerships to start selling the demo versions of the Volt, Chevrolet's plug-in electric hy-brid. Chevrolet is looking to boost sales of the Volt and some consumers have been finding that there are not any Volts on sale with the choices they want.

Tough competition facing Volt

The cost of the Chevrolet Volt was higher than the Nissan Motors Leaf and other hybrid cars when it was launched last year. The Detroit News reports that the Chevy Volt is doing very well in sales. Still, the Nissan Motors Leaf is doing better. The Leaf is entirely electric, and the Volt has a "range extending" gas-powered generator. Chevrolet anticipated that in 2011, 10,000 would sell. Between January and Oct, only 5,003 had been sold. During that same time, Nissan Motors sold 8,048 Leafs.

The Leaf also has a lower asking price. For $32,780, you can get the base 2011 model. The base 2012 model is $35,200. For $39,995, you are able to get the Volt. It is a few thousand higher. Both are eligible for the $7,500 green car tax credit.

Get a demo unit

USA Today reports that Chevrolet is allowing dealers to start selling the Volt early. Hopefully this will increase sales. Dealer surveys indicate that up to 72 percent of consumers were put off from buying the Volt simply as the model they wanted was not available. The supply is limited at each dealership, which is also an issue. There were 2,600 Chevrolet dealerships approved to sell the Volt. About 700 of them cannot do this because they don't have access to a Volt.

About 2,300 Volts that had been used as demonstration vehicles have been sitting on dealer lots but haven't yet been on the lot for six months, the amount of time necessary before they can be sold as used. There are 4,100 Volts availa-ble to be sold, once the demonstration units are incorporated. AutoBlog reports that there are around 1,800 being sent to dealer-ships right now. They can also be sold.

Getting green automobiles

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the DeLand, Fla., City council approved brand new city vehi-cles. They can buy five Chevy Volts for this. A $1.3 million federal grant will be given to the city. This is due to the green changes. The Volts will be added to hybrids already being used. This involves the Toyota Prius and Camry.

The Chevy Volt was purchased by a hybrid automobile and green rental service in Los Angeles, MPG Car Rental, according to the Sacramento Bee. These will likely be added by rental agencies and cities. They will become available to more as time goes on.

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