Dedicated Classic Car Insurance, the Benefits Outweigh the Costs

by Zack Rhodes

Having just spent a small fortune on a vintage motor vehicle, your first port of call will undoubtedly be insurance, but which insurance company to use? There are obvious financial benefits to using a price comparison site but wouldn't it be easier and less stressful to use a company who genuinely know how to handle the specific quirks and legalistic pitfalls that come with insuring a classic car? In this case there are dozens of Classic Car Insurance firms based in the UK who deal specifically with vintage motors.

If you decide to insure your vintage motor with a specialized Classic Car Insurance company you will have direct access to a staff of car enthusiasts who probably know more about your car than you do. The extra service you will be offered is immediately palpable, with none of the automated phone systems or hidden charges and compulsory add-ons that typify bog-standard insurance firms. They will also offer discounts for members of classic car clubs and will offer discounts for cars with a limited mileage, because lets be honest, these are very much 'weekend cars' we're talking about here, not everyday workhorses.

Firms also tend to have a direct relationship with a panel of underwriters who are specifically trained to deal with Classic Car Insurance and as such they should have access to a range of schemes that would not be readily available to a standard insurance firm. They are also by-and-large independently owned (insuring personal, one-to-one service) and can offer exclusive discounts to classic car club members.

In summation, insuring your classic motor with a dedicated Classic Car Insurance operation will provide you with the following benefits, amongst others: -

- Access to leading market rates.

- Salvage option in the event of a write-off.

- The customers choice of repair worker should there be an accident.

- On specified 'track days', certain car clubs will enjoy unlimited cover.

- Breakdown cover, which extends to the whole of the UK and the EU.

- Schemes that are only available to specialized companies.

- An in depth and specific evaluation of your classic cars.

- Family multi car policies.

- Call centres based in the UK with real car enthusiasts on the other end.

Classic Car Insurance is an absolute necessity for all vintage motor owners, these are firms run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. So if you're a classic car owner looking to renew your insurance package then why not look online for a free, no obligation quote? Because a unique car, deserves unique insurance.

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