Consumer Report's Views On Hybrid Automobiles

by Junet Tyler

Hybrid cars have been an increasingly popular item lately, and the easiest way to learn about them is by reading consumer reports. Because of so many hybrid cars in the marketplace now, it is difficult to figure out which one would be best for you. A hybrid vehicle is one that utilizes two engines to control it, one that is a traditional gas powered engine, while the other uses a rechargeable battery. Information and facts from the manufacturer may not be as reliable as you would like so it is important to get other opinions.

It's good to begin by going to the auto maker's website to get the basic information but you need to do more research. Consumer reports probably delivers the most unprejudiced information regarding any vehicle, including hybrids. Consumer reports feels that the majority of the hybrid cars are generally reliable with 94% of Toyota Prius owners being very pleased with their purchase. The in depth results of their findings for all of the different models makes it easy for consumers to figure out which car is right for them. In general, their reviews tend to differ with other reviews by traditional car magazines. There are several analysts who think that hybrids are poor in performance and do not justify the cost.

You will find consumer reports reviews that show that the gas powered engine gets a thrust from the electrical engine. They have also analyzed the cars showing that the hybrids use less gas than traditional gas engines. You will find car experts who believe that the volume of gas you save with hybrids is insignificant compared to economy cars. In one example, you can find a Honda Civic Hybrid for $21,000 getting 36 miles per gallon, even when you can get a Honda Civic EX for $18,500 with 29 miles per gallon. To earn back the amount in cost savings, it will take you about 21 years minus the tax break.

Using consumer reports to help you get yourself a new hybrid vehicle is probably something you should look at. They do an excellent job of assessing and examining each and every car for any flaws but in the end it is up to you if the car is right for you. It doesn't matter how many consumer reports have been issued about hybrid cars, the sole decision that will prevail is the buyers. In a few instances, some hybrid cars are endorsed while others believe they are a waste of money. Some say certain models can be recommended, while others don't recommend that model but a different one.

Consumer reports are what they are, which are reports by consumers, and that is the reason why they vary in opinions so much. It is best to accept the reports at face value and make your own informed decision.

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