Clash of the Luxury Cars - Ferrari Versus Porsche

by Ram Collins

A lot of people have been enthralled with the similar features of Ferrari and Porsche. First, they are highly suitable to be used in a racetrack. Secondly, they have existed for more than 50 years already and third, their design and engineering are remarkable. Until today, these two models have always been compared to one another since their style and performance are beyond excellence.

To compare the qualities of the two luxury cars, this passage is all about the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and the Ferrari F430. These two have been distinguished to be compared to one another simply because they are two of the best models today.

A modern sports car should feature these characteristics: it should be started easily, maneuvered around town, blasted on a couple of country roads, it looks and performs the part on a racetrack but at the same time it is very safe.

The easier way to separate the two cars is by measuring figures since both of them have mastered the modern sports car requirements and basically there's no other way to choose between these two phenomenal cars.

Talking about acceleration, Porsche has been considered to give a fast start. Nevertheless, it is 0.8 seconds slower than Ferrari when reaching the 100 km/h speed. Ferrari is said to have a lightning accelerating speed which can hit 100 km/h in as short as four seconds.

Nevertheless, the performance of their brakes is equal. Moreover, ceramic discs can even be installed which can make the brake more impressive to see.

The Porsche's engine has been concluded to be the winner when opposed to the Ferrari's. This is because the Porsche can go for 11.8 L when reaching 100 km while the competitor needs 18.3 L. But most people know that the performance of the engines is still excellent.

There may be a limited space inside the Ferrari and Porsche but no one would ever have any uncomfortable feeling when inside. Furthermore, the Porsche is said to be victorious against the Ferrari when talking about this issue.

But if there's one feature that any person wants to see, it's the overall appearance. The Porsche may have an exquisite look. Nevertheless, it seems that there aren't any changes when compared to the former versions which are the reasons for the loss of its 'wow' factor. Although many believe that the Porsche stands out, the truth is that the Ferrari is the real attention-grabbing luxury car.

Finally, the Ferrari F430 may have captivated more individuals when pertaining to its looks. Nonetheless, the the requirement of having an all around package undeniably goes to the Porsche Carrera 4S.

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