Choosing The Right Airport Transportation Services

by Goldie Booker

With the variety of companies offering airport transportation Salt Lake City travelers can find the transportation method that is right for them and their trip. These options include taxis, rental cars, buses, and shuttle services. Salt Lake City has a website with a lot of information regarding these services, and many of the individual companies also maintain websites with more detailed information.

There are taxi service booths in two locations on site. Taxis will be readily available at those two booths. If accommodations for a disability are required, it is recommended to contact the taxi service booth in advance.

Rental car companies are also located on site. The rental cars are especially helpful for travelers who require the freedom to drive to several destinations. Gas stations are plentiful in the nearby area to offer convenient fill-ups when picking up or returning the rental car.

Travelers can utilize bus services to reach their destination. Amtrak and Greyhound both offer shuttle buses to pick up passengers and transport them to their respective stations. Bus service is also available through the Utah Transit Authority which serves the city.

Yet another option in travel services is the shuttle and limousine cars available on site. Several companies have a counter on site but others are available via appointment. Some nearby hotels also may have limousine or shuttle services for free or reduced prices. The hotel websites should state whether this feature is available for hotel guests.

By researching airport transportation salt lake city travelers can discover which option works the best for their plans. It is helpful to keep in mind that sometimes unforeseen delays can occur, so a cushion of time is always recommended no matter which option is selected. Preparation is the key to a smooth trip.

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