Choosing Between Moving Trucks Or Box Trailers When Moving

by Leona S. Barbee

Many individuals will need to lease moving trucks or box trailers in order to move from an old house to a new one. People with only a small car or not a lot of other people to help will particularly need to make use of these. When trying to decide which kind you want to rent, you will need to evaluate the amount of things that you own as well as how far you need to move them. Two factors that are crucial to think about when making a decision are the sizes of the vehicles as well as their costs for rental.

The cost to rent a moving truck is typically dependent on the size of the truck. If you need to move in a minimal amount of trips, then this is perhaps the best option since it has a lot of room available. You will usually be provided the option of truck sizes that are between 12-26 feet in size. Based on the size of the trucks, the littlest truck is best for homes that are about 450 square feet whereas the largest trucks are ideal for homes that are around 1,400 square feet. When trying to figure out what size truck to rent, it is recommended that you set aside 150 square feet for each fully furnished room.

You can also move your possessions in box trailers which are made to be pulled behind a car or truck. These also are available in a number of sizes ranging from 3'x5' to 5'x12'. People who have cars or trucks with hitches for pulling cargo may find this approach to be a better option. Leasing box trailers are usually less expensive than full-size moving trucks, and you will also save money on having to fill up the tank with gas before returning it. Renters can also feel more comfortable leasing these because they don't have to worry about driving and maneuvering a large moving truck.

Another selection for moving stuff would be equipment trailers. This option is different than the others in that it is much smaller and is not protected. These are enclosed all the way around the exterior, and they have gates in the back that fold down to create a ramp. These are not typically perfect for moving valuable things since they are not closed in or covered, but work well for moving furniture, appliances, and boxes that are sealed tightly.

Moving can be a stressful time and requires a lot of planning and preparation. Being able to move all of your things to the new house can make things a lot easier. Being able to decide between moving trucks, box trailers, and equipment trailers will be easier once you have determined how many things you have to move and how far you are moving them. It will be much easier to complete the job if you get the right size truck or trailer on the first try.

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