Carbon Fiber And The Motorcycle Helmet

by Judy Miller

Motorcycle helmets made from carbon fiber are one of the most current in their kind. The carbon fiber material here is carbon filament wove into a cloth. This also refers to that outer shell of your helmet that is made up of a complex material with carbon filaments. You get more durable and lighter helmets from a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Carbon fibers in helmets are made by superheating an acrylic fiber that results to better strength and stiffness to weight properties. Carbon fiber composites are best for helmet because they can be as sturdy as metals and will weigh so much less.

Kevlar is made from fibers extracted from a polymer dissolved in a solvent. Although Kevlar has properties that are similar to carbon fiber, it lacks compressive strength. The combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar gives a material that is three times the flexural strength of Kevlar alone.

Carbon fiber helmets rank higher than fiberglass helmets when it comes to durability and weight. Carbon fiber makes it possible to have helmets that are very durable yet light.

Most carbon fiber helmets are available for you from custom helmet manufacturers. There are also other helmet manufacturers that have carbon fiber helmets available. Helmets are now more durable, lighter, and cooler.

Nowadays, you can be sure with a carbon fibre helmet that's DOT-approved with the THH t-69. Bike riders love the simple and compact design. There is also the HJC AC-12 full face carbon fiber helmet that incorporates racer tested features for use by the ordinary motorcycle rider on the road.

It has features such as the Flow Through ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation Feature System that provides extraordinary ventilation to make you feel cooler. The Anti-fog System feature of this helmet means fog won't be a hindrance to you. This motorcycle helmet also has a built-in communication system speaker cavity to allow two-way or multi-channel communication when required.

With today's technology, motorcycle helmets have evolved to provide you with better protection and a more comfortable riding experience. With all the choices now available for you, you would surely have that helmet that would work for you.

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