Car Covers and their availability

by Laney Warren

When you have to leave your car out during extended trips away from home, one basic precaution is getting the right protection and care for the vehicle while you are away. UV rays, insects, falling branches, weather, bird droppings and more can cause damage unless the car has been parked in a garage. After you return from the trip you may not notice the damage, but it is probably there. However you can protect your investment and prevent that accumulated damage with a custom car cover. Remember that not all covers are created equal, so it is important to know what you need before purchase.

Car covers are either custom designed or made loose enough to cover all types of vehicles. A loose fitting cover can create problems by trapping debris and moisture, or fail to keep dangerous UV rays off the vehicle.

Most car covers fall into three main categories: ready or universal fit, semi-custom and custom. Custom covers are custom-made for a specific year, make, model and body type so these offer the best protection because they have the best overall fit.

Knowing the exact year, make, model, body type, and the seat type in the vehicle you want to cover will help you buy the right cover for that car.

Assess the main threats to your vehicle to decide what kind of protection you need. Custom covers vary in levels of protection against different threats. If water damage is likely, make sure you buy a waterproof car cover. On the other hand, if sun protection and UV rays concern you more, choose a reflective cover car cover to protect your car.

Prices for custom cover can vary between different manufacturers and retailers. Decide what you want to spend and choose from the options that fit your budget. Comparing prices at different retail chains is helpful. For comparison-shopping, web search engines like Google can help you compare different retailers. Always read all the details about the cover first. If you have any questions ask your dealer which product you should order, because custom cover orders generally cannot be returned and you need to buy the right cover the first time.

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