Capture Every Single Instant While You Drive with a Lightweight Video Camera

by Darnell Austria

From this age of Facebook and Youtube capturing videos of your cross country ride to tell family and friends these days is a life style. All of us have owned all sorts of video recorder such as the scaled-down, though not HD Replay XD and returning to the slightly more robust XD1080. Is it the water-resistant, hard anodized, sturdy aluminum enclosure structure or the custom-designed wide-angle 135-degree f3.11ens and anti-glare finish? Nope. It's the convenient, 2-way on/off and start/stop control buttons, making the Replay XD1080 video camera simple to get the job done. Contrary to a few other manufacturers of cameras, which can be confusing. Over the XD1080 the only thing you need to do is press one button and it's powered up, then press another one and it quickly starts capturing footages. If you're not convinced it is actually powered up and shooting, the LED and vibration in addition tell you when you are powered up and rolling.

The Replay XD1080 shoots in 1080p@ 30fps, 960p@ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps, 720@ 30fps, and could take time-lapse images in 1-, 5-, 10-, and 15-second time frames. The XD1080 is the first to stream full 1080 High def over the built-in HDMI-out connection. You may capture and play your video simultaneously or simply stream your video right to an external HD recorder.

As for the audio, we discovered the XD1080 to have about the right high quality built-in microphone of the small cameras, but Replay took it one step further and enables you to connect a quality exterior microphone via a common 3.5mm mini audio jack at the rear of this unit to get some good audio recording. This even offers a lot of plastic and strong aluminum brackets so that you can tightly install it anyplace, on your bike, low profile German motorcycle helmet, or yourself easily.

Finally, soon after playing with a variety of other camcorders personally think that the Replay XD1080 is a giant start from its earliest offering and the ideal video recorder of its class I have tried personally so far.

I have found great deals for this cool gadget for motorcycle riders like me. I have provided the link where I purchased it in Amazon!

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