Breaking Glass Behind Audi Q5 Sunroof Recall

by Cornelius Nunev

Volkswagen has announced a recall for the Audi Q5 SUV. The problems with the sunroof, as a few automobiles have been observed in the field as having sunroofs that randomly shatter. The sunroofs in the Audi Q5 sunroof recall seem to be limited to cold temperatures, as the bulk of reports come from cold areas.

VW publicizes Audi Q5 recall

Volkswagen, according to Inside Line, has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it has voluntarily started a recall for late model Audi Q5 crossover SUVs for a problem with the sunroof. No accidents or injuries are reported to have occurred as a result of the sunroof. All impacted vehicles were made between June 21 and Dec. 9 of 2011. There are 13,172 Q5 automobiles impacted by the recall, all of which are model year 2012.

The defect with the sunroof has not caused any accidents or injuries yet. The problem is that the sunroof can shatter and spread shards of glass throughout the car. This may hurt passengers or distract the driver and cause an accident. Not all models have the sunroof.

Cold causes it

Only people who live in extremely cold areas will have the problem, it seems. It also might happen to drivers who take the car to cold temperature areas.

AutoGuide explained that Audi used its dealer network in the United States in order to learn about the defect. It did not learn about the problem through insurance claims. There were a lot of consumers coming in for warranty repairs on the shattered sunroof, and most of those claims came from cooler climate areas. The warmer climate areas did not have as many claims.

Audi wanted to recreate the problem in laboratory conditions, and that was easy to do with the Q5 sunroof. It only took getting down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit for the sunroof to have troubles.

Recall does not take place often

The last recall that had to do with sunroofs was in September 2011. There were sunroofs blowing away when consumers were driving, according to Customer Reports, because there was not enough adhesive added in the factory. There were 69,590 Legacy sedans and Outback crossovers recalled for the issue. Most of the time, recalls will have nothing to do with sunroofs because glass is usually not a main concern in automobiles.

Audi, according to Inside Line, is going to start the recall by August 7. Owners will be notified and directed to take their Q5 to the nearest Audi dealership, where the sunroof will be inspected and swapped out, if necessary, free of charge.

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