Boats on Diesel and Gas

by Sandy Fe

Diesel engines are not something you should take for granted. Although the putting of engines on various cars in 1970s was a failure, there are some rationales for that occurrence.

Engine speed - Diesel engines gained the reputation for long service life early on in the history of the engines, mainly from engines that were used in commercial operations. These were big, very slow to turn engines that were usually in the 600 - 1,000 RPM range.

Truthfully, using a diesel engine properly can really result to a long service. But when talking about using the diesel engine alternatively with low and high speeds and extremely heavy loads, that's the part where it's another story.

Fuel Consumption - Long distance travels are acceptable when using diesel engines. Nonetheless, the problem arises when you won't be crossing over fuel stops. But if you compare fuel saving to how much you bought the engine, then it's not a big issue at all.

Dilemma - For boats between 28 to 34 foot range, there were a lot of doubts and numerous questions were asked although both gas and diesel engines have enough horsepower. But when it comes to whichever is cheaper to buy, it's the gas engines. Furthermore, they are cheaper to repair as well.

Diesel boats are just the opposite, as for the price of one you could buy three gas engines. For the price of a smaller in-line 6 cylinder diesel, you can buy two gas engines.

So for the sake of practicality, you should really opt for gas engines. Perhaps the only part where you can weight more on diesel engines is where an extra amount of torque is required. This feature is not present on gas engines since they can't exert too much pressure.

When thinking between diesel versus gas engine, you should prioritize on thinking about the price of the diesel. The moment you hear the diesel's initial price, always remember that it has not yet been totaled.

Other expenses would be for the regular maintenance. If you can't manage the expensive fees, then you're better with gas engines. However if you have a large budget, feel free to buy the diesel. In fact, diesel engines can also bring many benefits even though they are not suitable for those with limited budgets.

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