Boating Safety Is The Responsibility Of Everyone On The Water

by Freida Lamb

New Jersey boating safety is the responsibility of everyone who uses boats on the water. Each and every person should be responsible for seeing to it that precautions are taking. With everyone doing their part, accidents and tragedy in the water will decrease greatly.

Be sure that each person in the boat has a life jacket. Not only should they have one but it should be worn. Make sure that you have one that fits each person properly. Take the few minutes you will need to fit everyone before leaving the dock.

Avoid alcohol. Just as you should not drink and drive a car, you should not drink and drive a boat. Many people mistakenly feel that it is fine to drink on the water. This is wrong and can result in mistakes and accidents that could have been avoided. Alcohol slows reaction time and often leads to poor decision making.

Boat courses are not just for beginners. These courses can offer valuable information for everyone, even those who are experienced. These classes are worth the time, all boaters should look into taking one. You have nothing to lose but can gain vital information.

You should have an inspection before each outing. The first aid kit must be checked. Life jackets should also be inspected to ensure that they properly fit each person on the boat. Make it your rule that they must be worn at all times.

Let someone know your plans. This is a vital party of new jersey boating safety. There is a lot of water in the state. Letting a family member or worker at the marina know where you are heading will make it easier for you to be rescued should the need arise. Someone should know the location of where you are going, the path you are taking to get there and when you will be returning.

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