Boat Covers - A Boat's Best Friend

by Brett Burnam

Boat covers are designed to protect your boat from the ravages of the elements. A boat is expensive and serves a necessary purpose for people who for a variety of reasons like or has to stay in the water. Therefore, your boat requires complete safety from dust, grime, dirt and airborne particles.

A boat cover is an essential accessory for all boats, and it has many uses. Boat covers will keep your boat clean and dry, discouraging the growth of molds. More importantly, a boat cover will shield your boat from the sun's ultra-violet rays. These rays can be very destructive and harmful for color of your boat. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will also weaken the rubber parts of the boat which will eventually cause it to dry up and crack.

An unprotected boat will be an excellent hiding and nesting place for rodents and squirrels who will find plenty of hiding places inside, which can prove to be a disaster for your boat. A good boat cover can be very helpful and saves precious time and money. A boat cover also saves your boat from scratches and other marks, and can perform as a great restraint to theft.

There is a wide variety of boat covers available in the market. Boat covers can be bought in one of two ways, custom cover and universal style. Both have advantages for the safety of your boat.

A custom cover comes with different styles, length, width and beam that give an outer shell to your boat. The merits of this cover are straightforward, as it fits tightly and covers the complete area of your boat. Typically, custom-fit boat covers are preferred over other covers. They can be a little more costly compared to universal covers, but will be the best selection of your choice.

Boat covers normally are under warranty against defects and breakdowns. Boat covers without warranty coverage can only mean that the maker has no confidence in its quality. The fabrics used for boat covers are polyester, poly-cotton blend or polyester-canvas. Each is considered to be of good quality. Polyester is the most popular material as it doesn't stretch or shrink. The poly-cotton blend is made of polyester and cotton, while the cotton-canvas has the disadvantage of easily breaking down. You can also choose the color or color combination of your boat cover to suit your taste. Just keep in mind that black covers can become the cause of damage of electronic components.

In conclusion, a boat cover is an important accessory for any boat. It not only provides protection from the elements, but also helps to maintain the quality of your boat, thus saving time and money.

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