Auto dealers attract more shoppers by displaying creative flag combinations

by Paul Pena

As the owner of multiple used car dealers from The Big Apple to Miami, I understand the value of walk-in buyers. Accept it, the automotive market is getting more aggressive and everyone is searching for an edge. Car dealers will use any gimmick to attract new consumers,, nevertheless , in this tight automotive environment it is to your advantage to be conservative with your promotion dollars. Therefore , you have to pay attention to details and what I have found is that by utilizing different varieties of inexpensive flag varieties I have come up with a definite winner. The three best types of dealer flags are the swooper flag, car window flag and the windshield banner.

First up is the swooper flag. What I like about the swooper flag is that it adds extra vertical space to your display and when used to highlight the main line of cars, it gets your cars noticed. When adding swooper flags to your lot you will likely separate yourself separate your dealer from your competition. Another significant factor you might have missed is how much extra ad space you create with these types of flags. In addtion, there are many selection of pre-designed messages which enables you to communicate many sales options for your clients.

Second is the car window flag. This flag is priced so affordable that every dealer should at least have an american flag on each automobile on their lot. This kind of flag is extremely cheap and therefore , it affords you to use them in volume, so don't go cheap. The shear magnitude of flying flags moving in concert as the wind changes direction is a nice site and folks will probably stare for a longer period, even if is only to watch the show. Listen to me, this effect on your lot it is almost hypnotic. The idea's to get attention, right - so make sure to add this flag to your marketing plan.

Finally, the windshield banner is the new comer on the block. In stark contrast to the paint markers on the windshields this banner provides a the same effect, , however , the difference is that it can be easily removed for a test drive. This banner is another clever feature the will increase the focus on your front line or can even spotlight cars that are discounted . This banner also grows your ad space and I love the fact it is re-usable.

In conclusion, all these flags are winners on there own, however, when displayed together they're a magnet for walk in traffic.

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