Auto airbag technology described in simple words

by Jose Ascunce

The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) was created to guard all people inside the automobile by deploying when the automobile takes on a front-end or side impact. Your cars system is equipped with dual-stage driver-side air bag, dual-stage passenger-side air bag, right and left side-impact airbags (when option is available), driver and passenger side-impact sensors, driver an passenger front seat belt pretensioners, left and right seat belt buckle pretensioners, right and left front impact sensors, SRS unit and clockspring. When combined, all these devices are all created to keep you safe during an accident.

In addition your car is equipped with many smart sensors. If the SRS control unit senses an impact, if necessary, it ignites the charges in the air bag modules, instantly alerting the air bags to deploy. The impact sets off a collection of events that may decide which of the many elements to inflate. As well as the airbags the front seat belt pretensioners are linked with the SRS air bag system and also protects you during the accident. Therefore , in the instant of a front end hit if there's adequate force, the seat belts will activate right away. The retracting seat belts forcefully repositions the occupants in their seats. Furthermore, the seat belt pretensioners, front seat belt retractors and front buckles are designed to also keep you from injury.

On some vehicles the side-impact air bags are found in each front seat back and on others they activate from the door panels. Side-impact air bags are designed to deploy in a low to severe impact. Passenger side-impact air bag and passenger seats may also include an Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS).

This OPDS contains sensors and a control unit, found in passenger's seat back, to test passenger seat's occupant height and position. If the OPDS control unit makes a determination that the passenger seat's occupants head is in the deployment track of the side-impact air bag, the side-impact air bag does not activate. If passenger side-impact air bag is disabled, side-impact indicator light will come on. With all of these systems working simultaneously it is no wonder that the National Highway Transporation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported less and less deaths from auto accidents each year.

In basic terms, there is a lot of engineering that has been developed for safety while driving. Nonetheless many of us are completely unaware on how far airbag technology has enhanced our safety in the last fourteen years. Airbags are really a life saving revolutionizing engineering feat.

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