A Shipping Surprise Or The Types Of Vehicles Used In The Auto Shipping Industry

by Tom Kearns

Think of the word car and what usually comes to mind is a four-wheeled vehicle with some type of carrier on it to seat a driver and at least one passenger. As creative minds have greatly expanded advancements in the auto industry and the needs of industry grow, the definition of what makes a car becomes more obscure. An increasing number of people and businesses depend on vehicles to help them get their jobs done and their entertainment needs met. Cars are revered for their use as status symbols, hobbies and of course the more common and practical side of transportation.

With the rising value of cars and their necessity to be always available, new demands are continuously being placed on the auto shipping industry. Transporting vehicles used to be a simple matter of shipping a standard model car from one place to another. Now requests are being made of them to ship oddities making their job much more complex. People now are expecting the shipping companies to go way out on a limb for them and their vehicles and are expecting this task to be handled easily and efficiently. Let us take a look at some of the motorized machines that the auto transport companies deal with today.

Regular standard types of automobiles will always have a need to be shipped over distances to arrive at a new location. This is now being done often, somewhat inexpensively and very efficiently. We always think of vehicles as being earth-bound, but opportunities do arise for auto transporters to consider shipping boats and jet skis. This is a fine illustration of how far vehicle transportation has come. Getting back to the earth bound, but expanding from standard automobiles, many people are requesting that auto shipping companies transport their all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts and snowmobiles.

Building booms give rise to creative new waves in auto shipping. Many transporters are now specializing in the transfer of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is not a piece of cake to move long distances, but auto transportation agents are discovering inventive means to complete such moves. Then there are farming vehicles and construction machinery that are looking for transportation to get them to a far off destination to be used again in a new locale.

Other types of vehicles affecting the industry are trailers, generators and car parts. The understanding of the vehicle types that are becoming part of the vehicle shipping industry is now outlined a little better so let's look at some of the ways companies in the field are managing to deal with many of these tasks that have recently come their way.

Standard car shippers give customers the option of a closed or open container. The open containers cost less but the cars are exposed to elements, damage and theft. Closed containers while more expensive offer more protection than the open variety and are usually used for classic or exotic cars or the expensive luxury types. In the case of jet skis and boats, a trailer is required. Many companies will allow you to use your own trailer or will rent you one.

The most reliable shipping companies will not require your vehicle to have license plates as they have their own documentation in lieu of plates.

Some of the other options to move many of the vehicles mentioned about include; flat bed tow trucks, low boy trailers, step deck trailers, double wide extendable drop trailers, vessel trailers and Multi-Axle Extendable carriers. Regardless of what you are shipping, the auto transport company you are working with should provide you with almost every conceivable transportation selection.

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