A Pet Seat Cover - An Important Addition In Your Car That Allows You To Take Your Pet With You On Your Next Trip

by Daniel Turbin

A pet seat cover allow you to bring your animals with you on your next trip. With more hotels and holiday hot spots welcoming animals, more people are bringing their furry friends with them. Not every animal owner likes the idea of putting their pets in the kennels while they go on holiday. A pet sitter is an option. They can stay with your animal and look after your home at the same time but that might not be an attractive option either.

A pet seat cover will help to protect your car from damage inflicted by your dog or cat. Your furry friend can tear leather seats with his claws. Pet hair is notoriously difficult to get out of any carpet. It is so much harder to clean the carpet in your car than it is to vacuum your living room.

If you use washable removable covers, this problem is easily dealt with. If you or your kids have allergies these can be triggered by pet hair and dander so cleaning up your pets is very important.

Pets have a distinctive smell particularly when they get wet. As any dog owner knows, it can take ages to get rid of this smell so this is another reason for using a pet seat cover. If you can remove the covers to air them, the chances of having a car smelling like a wet dog is much reduced.

Some people believe that you only need a pet carrier for small animals as larger dogs are able to sit on the back seat. While they can sit in comfort, they are not restrained and could suffer an injury if you had to brake suddenly. It is much better for everyone involved if your pet is secure and comfortable on any road trip.