5 Questions to Ask Movers

by Sergey Saleev

Before you move, pick a mover to help you save time and effort. But to moreoverhelp you spend less money, properly pick your long distance moving company. Utilize the following questions to help you decide.

What states do you cover?

Long-distance movers are expected to travel across several states, but usually they do not include all 50 of them. For example, some movers may exclude Hawaii together with Alaska because of their distance and cost of delivery. It seems impractical for all parties.

What other services can you give?

To have the upper hand, it is very normal among long-distance movers now to give more than service. They work with a staff who are tasked to pack or carry your items straight from your apartment. They can also bring them down from the vehicle for you. In fact, many can bring down the items and secure your possessions inside your house. Remember, however, that these services may not be for free. Nevertheless, if they save you the hassle that comes with moving, they are worth the extra price.

Are you licensed?

It is very fundamental for your long-distance moving firm to be properly licensed. Else, if something occurs to you or to your possessions while on the road, you may not be able to request for a claim.

A moving company must have a business certification from the state where they mainly set up. They should also be allowed to move across different states. Last but not the least, find one that extends an insurance policy.

What kind of insurance policy do you give and how much do you charge?

Why should services offer insurance? Typically, your own insurance coverage does not protect your items while they are being delivered. Simply put, when they get damaged, lost, or stolen, there is no way you can have them back as well as at least expect a monetary return. Normally, companies offer general and liability insurance. Some policy covers natural disasters ,namely, as earthquakes and floods.

What other things should I pay?

Some movers ask you to take care of gas. Others let you pay the toll. To save yourself the headache, select a long distance moving company that gives all-in price. Just see to it there are no more hidden costs.

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