3 Wheel Cars - Economical Micro Cars

by Xyza Reese

The name Messerschmitt or the ever famous Heinkel are acknowledged to be the best german aircraft producer, and the majority of people will believe that it was the German plane makers in World War II. When it comes to automobiles, if a person tells you about BMW and most likely you will bring up concepts of an costly luxury vehicles. Nonetheless, many might not know this, that this companies were involved in some way or the other in making inexpensive, small cars, often referred to before as bubble cars or the original 3 wheel cars.

Back in the 50s, three wheel cars or cars with two wheels in front and the 3rd wheel in the rear is the most revolutionary car to reach the market. The advantage of this type of car was in some countries like the UK, exactly where the law allows somebody who has a license to drive a motorbike license can also drive this vehicle as long as it did not have a reverse gear on it.

If we look closely to this scenario, it is quite strange for the law to never really place a solid regulation regarding three wheel cars, since the principles involved in driving this vehicle are quite similar to those driving a 4 wheel car. When it comes to steering wheels, this type of car have their steering wheel attached on the opening front doors. So when the door opens the steering wheel moved with it, providing space for the vehicle driver or any passenger to get in. Also, taxation imposed on a 3-wheeler is much cheaper than conventional vehicles giving the driver more rewards.

Today, a great deal of people are looking for vehicles that were cheap and economical to run and 3 wheel cars are the most convenient option. Nevertheless, you will find limitations due to its small size and microcars were also constructed at different occasions in various locations around the world. A great deal of these vehicles we're manufactured in Germany.

One of the cars like this who entered UK was the Isetta. Isetta made a debut in Italy in the early 1950's. Recently, it presented a new engine 236cc and it is a two cylinder two-stroke motorcycle engine.

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